about us

I'm Jen.

I'm a thirty-something wife to John, and mother of one adorable little boy named Jack.

Before Jack came along and turned our world topsy-turvy, I enjoyed knitting, spinning, reading, watching movies, going on the boat, and hanging out with our families. Now that the Boy is here, I still enjoy those things, it just takes a little advance planning and a lot of patience.

In a previous life, I worked in human resources. I hired and fired, and for the most part, I enjoyed the work.

I've had aspirations daydreams thoughts to become a doctor, a physician assistant, a nurse, a business owner, a teacher, a counselor, a florist, a hair stylist... The list goes on.

Not until very recently did that list include being a SAHM (stay at home mom), and if I'm being honest, I wasn't one hundred percent certain about it.

But, now that the Boy is here, and I am one hundred and ten percent certain that this is what I'm meant to be. I absolutely adore being this Boy's mommy. And this blog is where I attempt to share that joy with you.