eight months (late!)

This post is coming to you late. I did such a good job of posting every day in November, but I fell behind on photo processing. Truth be told, I've really been dreading photo processing lately because our Mac Mini is sooooo slow. Spinning beach ball of death, anyone?

But the word on the street is that Santa is bringing me a new computer, which will be lightning fast. Woot!

Anyways, the Boy is closer to nine months than eight months at this point. But I didn't ever post his eight month photo... So, here it is.

Well, here they are, actually. I couldn't decide. Maybe you can help me choose one?

option one

option two

Which one do you like better?

When the new computer comes and I can process photos in the blink of an eye, I'll post some of my favorite outtakes from the monthly photo shoots. There are some gems!

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