santa, baby

Jack's first visit to sit on Santa's lap was pretty fun. We went last weekend with my Grandma & Grandpa, my parents, and my brother, sister-in-law and niece. We also met my future sister-in-law at Santa's place where she was volunteering that afternoon.

We started our adventure with lunch at the best Mexican restaurant in town. Jack enjoyed two Baby Mum-Mums dipped in salsa. He went crazy over the guacamole, too. He was such a good boy at lunch. I really like this age. He's still easy to take out and about -- he's not to the point where he wants to get down and run around (yet!), and he'll sit and play with a toy for twenty minutes and be completely content.

His cousin, Dylann, loves him so much. It's extremely adorable. Here she is giving him kisses (on demand, no less, but still). It is so fun to see their little relationship evolve. It wasn't too long ago that she vacillated  between love, hate and indifference towards him, all in the same visit. Now the pendulum has swung more towards love. I'm sure it will swing the other way soon enough... But for now, it's so sweet to see things like this.

My Mom has the disk with all the Santa photos on it. Jack was fascinated by Santa, and Dylann was so over the whole thing by the time it was our turn... But we got some darn cute photos. I'll post them soon.

Have you taken the kids to see Santa, yet?

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