I had such a lovely birthday today. The Boy slept until 9:30, which allowed me to wake up on my own and enjoy some coffee and quiet time before it was time to get him up. We took a little trip down to the local fabric store to get the rest of the fabric for the nursery. We had a nice late lunch and a long afternoon nap. John had a gorgeous bouquet of flowers delivered to our house. My parents brought over a pot roast, and my aunt and grandparents joined us for dinner and cake. And the Boy was extra super snuggly before bed.

It was a much needed day of love, and gratitude. A chance to slow down a bit and reflect on the things in my life that I'm truly grateful for -- the people and the things that make me happy. It's easy to forget about those things when you're in the middle of the fifth diaper change before lunch, or the tenth tantrum before breakfast. It was just lovely to love and be loved, and know that for today, that was enough.

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  1. 9:30??? omg, that in and of itself is a birthday present worth cherishing.