Simplicity Photography Class -- First Homework Assignment

Faith's photography class started yesterday, and so far I'm having a lot of fun. The first thing I've realized is that up until now, I never put much thought into "composing" a photograph. I get out the fancy camera, point it at Jack and snap until I get something I like. Sometimes I'll move him to better light or clear away a pile of junk behind him; but I rarely "stage" him. And sometimes that's okay. But I had an aha moment when I was doing the first homework assignment... The wheels in my head, they are a'turnin!

So, the first homework assignment involves using the rule of thirds, negative space and paying attention to cropping. All three of these images are straight off the camera -- no editing.

Tech Assignment #1 - SOOC close crop

IMG_7286Tech Assignment #1 - SOOC negative space

Tech Assignment #1 - SOOC rule of thirds

Next up: a mini-session with an actual person using the same criteria. Jack, get ready for your close-up, buddy!

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