Simplicity Photography Class - the second assignment

Our first assignment was all about photographing an object, keeping in mind the rule of thirds, negative space, and creative cropping. The second assignment takes those principles and applies them to a human subject. My model? The Buddy Man, of course; although, he was having a bit of a diva moment during our first photo shoot attempt. He was quite the sour puss. He warmed up a bit later in the day, and I almost caught a smile or two.

Here's my portrait using the rule of thirds:

Technical assignment #2 - SOOC portrait Rule of Thirds

Here's a portrait using negative space:

Technical assignment #2 - SOOC portrait negative space (one)

And here's a portrait using close, creative cropping:

Technical assignment #2 - SOOC portrait close crop

Keep in mind that all of these shots are straight off of the camera, no post processing. That's one of the requirements of the homework assignments so far. I'm hoping we'll get to play around with the images a bit at some point. Maybe for extra credit? I'm such a brown noser.

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