day trippin'

Jack and I drove to Hibbing today to visit his cousins, and visit with Auntie Naya.

The drive was uneventful. The Boy slept all the way there. I drank a yummy latte and listened to the President answer questions (sort of) about his new budget.

When we got there, Dylann greeted us with an enthusiastic "Auntie Jen! Auntie Jen! Baby Jack is here!" Ack, Could she be any cuter? She is such a little munchkin.

And Baby Lexi was snuggled up with her Mommy, all ready to be cuddled and smooched on by Auntie Jen.



Lexi slept a little, ate a little, and "cried" a little. I put that in quotation marks because her cry is so little. And quiet. I'm sure her Mommy and Daddy would probably disagree with that observation at four in the morning, but it's still that cute little newborn cry. She works so hard just to make a tiny amount of noise!

Dylann and Jack enjoyed a picnic in the living room.

Mmm... Cookie.

And Ms. Dylann sat still long enough for me to snap a few photos... There are only a few things that slow this one down. I think mostly food and her "stories" on TV will do the trick. She's eating and watching TV in the first photo. In the second photo, she's got a big ole cookie. She's a tricky subject for my amateur photography skills.

Real men wear pink.

Mommy forgot to bring a bib, so he had to borrow one from his cousin.

And Jack had so much fun watching Dylann's antics. I think he's just watching her for pointers while he's planning his attack. He's not super mobile yet, but I think it's close; and then we're in big trouble!

We had such a nice day. I really wish those guys lived closer. I keep trying to drop hints, like "When are you guys going to move back to Duluth?" and "You guys should really move back to Duluth."

Maybe I'm being too subtle?

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