I was thinking yesterday about how quickly our babies change and evolve, and it got me thinking about each of our routines. Jack does so much better if we keep somewhat of a schedule - an eat, play, sleep sort of a thing.

And I thought it would be interesting to hear about your schedules. It might give us a peek into what's right around the bend for those of us with younger babes, and maybe even what it's like to have two, or three, or more?

Here's Jack's schedule (roughly):

7 am - wake up + 8 ounce bottle, change diaper, get dressed
7:30 - downstairs for puffs + Dinosaur Train, I drink coffee & check email/FB
8:00 - breakfast
8:45 - play
10:00 - nap
11:30 - wake up
12:00 pm - lunch
1:00-3:00 - play, run errands, bum around
3:00 - nap
4:30 - wake up, 8 ounce bottle
5:30 - dinner
6:30 - bath
7:00 - pajamas, nighttime diaper, bottle, books
7:30 - in bed, lights out!

Obviously, none of this is set in stone. We roll with the punches, just like everyone else. Lately, nap time has been a bit more variable than it had been in the past. He may go down for morning nap at 9:00, or maybe not until 11:00. Sometimes he skips afternoon nap. I pray we're not on the precipice of the days of only one nap.

Does your "schedule" look anything like this? Completely different? Do you scoff at the word "schedule?"

Also, out of curiosity, what do you do during nap time(s)? Has this changed over the last several months? For me, it depends on how the day is going. Sometimes, I still take a morning nap when Jack is napping.

But usually I do a little housework (if the mood strikes me, and the planets are aligned, and I'm wearing my lucky socks), do my hair/put my face on if we're going somewhere that afternoon, get on the computer and go through photos (I'm trying to get organized for the one year party!), watch a TiVo'ed show, catch up on email, knit...

Not all during the same nap, of course. But that wold be an awesome goal.

How do you fill your days? If you're a Mom who works outside of the home, what does your routine look like? Stay at home Moms, is your daily routine similar to Jack's? Completely different?

I'm looking forward to hearing about your routines, Mamas!


  1. Ha ha- schedule schmedule!
    Sam's routine looks very much like Jack's. Except he's usually up by 6:30am at the latest:) Throw an almost 4yo in the mix, and Sam's "schedule" often gets pushed to the background. The only me time I get is during Sam's morning nap on the days Ry's in preschool. And during that time I usually clean up the aftermath of breakfast, read email and other internet nonsense, maybe shower, and drink a mug of tea.

  2. We have sort of schedule, but it's more out of habit than plan. We usually get up (or more accurately, Aurora gets me up by getting in my face and saying, "Hey! Hey!") between 8 and 10. We eventually get dressed and she plays while I do computer stuff. Sometimes she falls asleep while nursing mid-morning, sometimes not. She nurses on demand throughout the day and eats some solids occasionally, but not regularly. Generally there's a mid-afternoon nap and what amounts to an evening nap around 8. We all get ready for bed at the same time (tooth brushing, pajamas, etc.) around 11 or so. Obviously there can be some changes if we've got activities that take us out of the house (hopefully it'll get warm enough someday to do daily walks again), but most days follow a pretty established pattern.