project 31 - day eight

Day 8. Have a beauty secret (e.g. hair tip, make up tip)? Share, please!

Every woman has beauty secrets.

Here are some of mine:

  1. Take a pre-natal vitamin even when you're not trying to conceive or pregnant. They do wonders for your nails and make your hair grow crazy fast.
  2. Aveda Beautifying Composition is a miracle product. You can use it on virtually any part of your body, for virtually any problem. Chapped lips? Beautifying Composition. Dry hair?  Beautifying Composition. Out of eye make-up remover? Beautifying Composition. Preventing stretch marks*? Beautifying Composition. I use it for everything. And it smells amazing.
  3. Find a good stylist and hang on to him/her. Tip well, and visit regularly. If they try to move away, do everything in your power to ensure that they are unable to do so, up to and including sabotaging home sales, new job opportunities and/or personal relationships that threaten to take them away from you.
  4. Curling your eyelashes instantly makes them look longer and fuller. Accidentally ripping out your eyelashes whilst curling them has the opposite effect. Curl carefully.
  5. Sunscreen.
I used to care way more about beauty and make-up and hair. Then I had a baby.

And I swore that I wouldn't become that Mom you see being sabotaged by Stacy and Clinton, but I can totally see how easily that could happen. It's so easy to throw on jeans and a sweatshirt and call that dressed for the day.

I still won't leave the house without make-up on, but I'm guessing that if/when we have second (or third or fourth..) baby, that may change. Then all you Moms of Multiples will have to give me your beauty secrets.

*Yeah, yeah... I know that stretch marks are genetic and there's nothing you can do to prevent them and yadda yadda yadda. But I rubbed Beautifying Composition on my big ole pregnant belly every day for over 30 weeks, and I got zero stretch marks. Just sayin'.

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Day 8. Have a beauty secret (e.g. hair tip, make up tip)? Share, please!
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  1. I'm a definite super-schlumpy mom of two kids. I often roll into Ry's preschool drop off having not showered, no makeup, and the same sweatshirt I slept in (under my coat of course). I did just order $80 worth of products on aveda.com, so that counts for something, right?

  2. ok you made me want to sprint to the store & get the aveda beautifying composition.
    you also reminded me that i haven't been able to find my eyelash curler. i have to put that back on my to-do list.
    totally agree about handcuffing yourself to a good hairdresser!