tractors rule.

John took us to a tractor show today. Jack was loving it. He started his tractor show experience with ice cream from Grandma Mavis, so you knew it was going to be a good day.

The website for this tractor show proclaims, "you won't believe your eyes watching some of things we demonstrate at our show." I'm now sure if anything show-related blew my mind, but much of the people watching at the show sure did. Like this dog that rides a four-wheeler? Yeah. That was cool.

Jack loved our friend Mike's tractor. Mike really wanted Jack to buy it. Apparently, Mike thinks Jack has money, or really cool parents. Turns out, he has neither. But he still had a blast sitting on it and pretending to drive. I have no idea how kids just know what do do with steering wheels, but it seems to be some reptilian brain skill because it's not something we've ever taught him. He just knows. Steering wheels and iPhones. Instinctual.

We did a lot of exploring. There was so much to look at, and most of the time we just let Jack lead the way. It was so fun to watch him lead his Daddy around the tractors. He's got the cutest little arm-swinging walk that he does when he gets excited (Jack, not Daddy), and he had that going full force most of the day. He also pointed at everything saying, "that?" or "this?" It wasn't all fun and games. There were several teachable moments as well. We learned new words like blacksmith, sawmill, mullet, and beer belly.

Random mushy aside: Seeing those two together just melts my heart. I had absolutely no reason to doubt John's capacity as a father before we had a child, but I was not fully prepared for the depths of his Daddy-awesomeness. He loves that Boy to the moon and back -- and there's no doubt he'll soon be teaching Jack exactly how far that is, and how long it would take to get there. Watching John with our son makes me so excited to bring this new person into our lives.

Plus, it's a girl which may mean fewer tractor shows and more pedicures. Just sayin'.

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