flashback friday

Believe it or not, we have about a bajillion little videos of the Boy. Every once in a while, I look through them and marvel at how far we've come. Jack is no longer a helpless newborn. Now he's a sassy toddler with a 'tude. John and I are no longer rookies. I wouldn't go so far as to say we've gone pro, but I think we have a slightly better grasp on the situation than we did way back in those first weeks.

Case in point: bathtime. We had no clue. (We also had no clue that HD videos don't work well online. Not sure how to remedy that, but you'll have to believe me when I tell you that we were not that wide in real life.)

Jack is less than a month old in this one, and I'm telling him, "you gotta sit up a little." Really? He's basically a jellyfish at this point, and I'm asking him to sit up. Also, please note the fancy bucket bath. For some reason I thought this was a must-have. Unfortunately, we had no clue how to use it. Money well spent. And finally, are you pooping or tooting followed by "I need a cup?" What is going on there? Yikes.

The next video is John giving the Boy a bath. It's taken four days after the bucket movie.

I can't believe that a) Jack isn't freaking out and screaming, and b) I'm not freaking out and screaming. The propping up against the back of the sink? The dunking of the head? The getting wet of the ears? Yikes.

And then there's my shampoo technique for one-month olds. Please do not try this at home...

Uhh. lady? No wonder "we" don't like this part. You're waterboarding him. Yikes.

And just so you know it wasn't all terrifying bathing scenarios in those early days, I share with you my all-time favorite... Jack's first laugh:

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  1. we still waterboard our kids. they love it:) Prepares them for swimming lessons- HA.