he looks just like...

Unless it's super obvious, I'm really not good at saying which parent a baby looks like. I have friends whose babies are like little clones of themselves or their significant other. Little miniature people that look just like Daddy or Mommy. Hello, Anne? Her son looks just like Daddy. It's perty dern cute.

Maybe it's easier to tell when they get a little older and their personality starts to shine through a bit more; but I just cannot look at a baby and say, "Oh, you look just like your Mama." Well, I can, but it would be either a total guess, or maybe I've heard other people say it about that particular baby and I'm just repeating it.

I have no idea who Jack looks like. Sometimes, I think I see me in there. I don't have any baby photos of John, so I can't compare the two. Maybe if I Photo-shopped a goatee and some glasses onto a photo of Jack, I could do a comparison to his Daddy?

I think I just found a new weekend project.

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