Monday, in our ECFE class, we talked about holiday traditions. What kinds of things did we remember about the holidays from our childhood? What kinds of things were we planning to do with our own children?

I have so many great memories of holidays with my family. When I was very young, we would hit both sets of grandparents' houses on Christmas Eve. There were so many aunts and uncles, cousins and friends. It was the most amazing chaos.

As a kid, I loved it. Looking back now as a parent, I can absolutely appreciate what my parents must have experienced. Trying to keep track of me and my two brothers and all of our newly acquired treasures must have been an epic task.

We always picked out our tree as a family. One year we even went to a farm to cut the tree down. That was an epic failure -- the only one into it was my Dad, and our complete lack of enthusiasm made him a bit cranky -- but I remember it fondly, now.

I also remember putting up the tree every year. My Dad would always string the lights first, placing each wire in the exact perfect spot. Then my parents would sit on the couch and unwrap the ornaments and hand them to us to place on the tree. I loved seeing each ornament, and getting excited about my favorite ones. One in particular was my absolute favorite: a small glittery pink house with a green tree in the tiny yard. I think it once belonged to my Granny.

And Thanksgiving... It hasn't always been my favorite holiday, but I'm pretty sure it currently holds the title. I love the "togetherness" you get from Thanksgiving without all of the stress that comes with Christmas.

Plus, let's just be honest. I love me some stuffing, and that happens once a year at Thanksgiving, baby.

As for what kinds of traditions we'll create with our own little family, that remains to be seen. I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head. And I'm sure we'll do some of the things John and I did as kids. But whatever we do, you can bet we'll be surrounded by family and love.

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