so thankful

We had a lovely Thanksgiving.

We always go to my parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner, and this year was no exception. The food was amazing. I wait all year for my Dad's incredible stuffing. When I piled my portion on my plate this year, my younger brother looked at me and said, "Seriously???"

I said, "Back off!"

I am so thankful for the little family that John and I have created. It's amazing to look at my grandparents and think that someday we will be sitting around a table with our kids, grand kids and great grand kids. John and I are incredibly blessed to have found each other, and to have the Boy in our lives.

I'm also so thankful for my family and for John's family. We are related to some really great people who make our lives better just by being a part of it. Plus, a lot of them are just fun to be around.

We truly have so much to be thankful for -- we have our health, we have our families, we have food in our bellies and a roof over our heads. I'm not sure what we did to deserve all of this, but I don't ever want to take it for granted.

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