i wonder...

I wonder what song is playing in his head? I love his intensity. I love that he can do this for minutes on end -- remember that minutes are like hours to infants, right? I love that when I interrupt him with my giggling, he gives me the "Oh, Mom" look and goes right back to business.

Is the Boy destined to be a tambourine player? I think yes. And I would totally love that!

Watch out, Joel Gion!


  1. A musician! His mom once wanted to be a pianist...

  2. it is SO amazing to watch them figure out this world... those little brains are just running so fast these days!! i especially love the shake-shake-shake-shake-SWITCH![hands], shake-shake-shake-shake-SWITCH! rhythm he's got down... ;)

  3. His favorite game right now is shake-shake-shake-SWITCH. He does it for minutes on end. It's pretty amusing!