tummy time troubles

Tummy time.

The Boy has hated it since day one. And as a new mom who hates to hear any form of protest coming from her Little One, I must admit that it didn't used to take much whimpering on his part to get me to put an end to tummy time. Sometimes, the Boy just had to stick his lower lip out and give me the puppy dog eyes. I'm a sucker. I know it.

But, now that the boy is coming up on eight months, and really hasn't rolled, scooted, crawled or otherwise made signs of becoming mobile, I'm beginning to feel like I may have been doing the wrong thing by rescuing him from tummy time.

I know it's terrible to compare your baby to other babies, but it seems like all of Jack's little buddies are scooting or army-crawling all over town. And Jack just chills. He can't be bothered with it.

I asked the doctor about it at his six month check-up. She wasn't too concerned, but she recommended doing lots and lots of tummy time. So, we've been trying. We really have.

And while he much prefers to sit up and play, we now do several (short) stretches of tummy time every day. He is just beginning to try to lift up his bottom and push off with his legs. He hasn't gone anywhere yet with this technique, but I think we're on the right track.

And he did roll over the other day. I'm not convinced it wasn't an accident, and he hasn't done it since, but it was a roll nonetheless.

I'm still rescuing him before he gets to the screaming-crying-meltdown mode, but if it's plain vanilla whining, he stays on his tummy.

Now is the part where Mommies with older babies tell me I'm crazy for wishing my kid was mobile.


  1. I won't say it:) But seriously, enjoy the immobility. Does it make you feel better to know that Sam is not mobile yet either? He also screams if he finds himself on his belly. He is completely the opposite of Ryan. Ry was scooting around by 6.5 months, and officially crawling by 7.5 months. He didn't sit up for the longest time- he was too busy moving. Sam though, he is an EXPERT sitter and I love it!! He rolled over a bunch a few months ago, and now isn't into the rolling anymore. Not sure if that's normal or not, but whatevs. I suppose I should be having him do more tummy time too. I'm sure Jack's on his own timeline, and will get it done when the time's right for him.

  2. he is such a content fellow! i'm pretty certain that your little mister will fall in love with locomotion at JUST the right time! he's got his own ways in this world... ;) for now, i love the classic airplane/turtle look of tummytime... =D

  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement, ladies. I'm really trying to not worry about it too much. I know he'll get there. And then I'll wish for the days where I could leave the room and come back to find him in the exact spot where I left him!

    Rebekah, you are exactly right... He's definitely been on his own time table since day one. He'll move and groove when he's ready!